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If required, Dynamic Aqua Science., (DAS) can run pilot test programs at your site to assure optimal performance of wastewater systems before implementing the use of AMB Bio Media (should read Media). AMB Bio Media Represents flexibility and new-engineered potentials in wastewater treatment plant operation. Use in existing tanks, upgrade existing plants, and convert to efficient BOD5, NH3-N and TSS removal without tank expansion. AMB = “Assisting Moving Bed” AMB Bio Media provides flexibility in design and use for aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic systems. Use existing tanks, modernize existing system, meet effluent requirements and be in compliance. All friendly to you budget. Enter here for complete bio systems / Package plants ready to be operated

Constant Testing and R&D Programs to Optimize AMB performance.
The AMB Bio Media has been extensively tested and implemented into numerous wastewater plants worldwide. The AMB Bio Media has proven to be superior to any known bio media, can handle pH variation, shock loading, cold temperature, and drastically reduce plant size. The AMB Bio Media has proven to stabilize most wastewater plants and comes with 20 years warranty.
DAS MBBR testing System with the US Military

Upgrade and Improve Wastewater Plants. Dynamic Aqua Science offers sales of AMB Bio Media or complete engineering services based on Moving Bed Bio Reactors (MBBR) at standard rates.Quote Form

AMB Bio Media

The AMB Bio Media has proven to be superior to any known bio media and can handle pH variation, shock loading, temperature variations, and drastically reduce the size of a WWTP.

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