MBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor is derived from the Conventional Activated Sludge Process. It utilizes suspended growth activated sludge process and fluidized attached growth biofilm system.  Packing media (carriers) with large surface area is used in aeration tanks and biofilm growth will take place around and inside the packing materials. Due to the large surface area provided by the suspended packing media, the MBBR process can take higher BOD/COD loading.

MBBR technology is a good choice for upgrading/retrofitting existing activated sludge plants to achieve higher capacity and better effluent quality. To prevent the suspended packing used in the MBBR reactors from going into the downstream clarifiers, screens are usually required at the exit to the clarifier. Air-lift pumps may also be used to recirculate the suspended packings back to the front section of the reactor. If you require Engineering services from DAS, we can offer engineering / assistance to secure optimal performance of your WWTP.


We export MBBR Media globally in 20′ and 40′ ISO Containers from North America. Call today for your media quote and delivery time, or enter here for more information. Read More


Microorganisms, which attach to the AMB Bio Media, reduce the organic load. This is a fixed-film process where the AMB Bio Media become carriers that build a floating bed in the water (The Bio-Film) and stabilize the WWTP.

The Bio-Film grows on the bio media surface that moves along with the water inside the reactor chamber and creates “Assisting Moving Bed” (AMB) which carries the biomass, also known as MBBR = Moving Bed Bio Reactors.

Once submerged inside the bioreactor, the AMB Bio Media operates as non-clogging media. No channels or dead spots like in other technologies. The movement is caused by either aeration, or being mechanically stirred, depending on reactor design and effluent requirements. The AMB Bio Media optimizes growth (biomass,) and provides shelter and protection for the biomass and makes the WWTP extremely robust and reliable.

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Moving Bed Treatment plant for food industry

Municipal Moving bed Treatment Plant in Lekunberri

AMB - MBBR - Bioreactor in Papelera del Oria Paper mill - Europe

AMB Bio Media

The AMB Bio Media has proven to be superior to any known bio media and can handle pH variation, shock loading, temperature variations, and drastically reduce the size of a WWTP.

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